Angela Rosteet, L.J. Alleman Middle School

Mrs. Angela Rosteet is a native of Ohio but has lived in Lafayette for 10 years. She lives here with her husband of 20 years and their 17-year-old daughter. She is a Special Education Teacher in the Mild/Moderate self-contained setting at LJ Alleman Middle School. 

Mrs. Rosteet began her undergraduate studies at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, 1990. She started as an Elementary Education major. Like any teenager, early she began to doubt her ability to educate young minds. This led to her changing her major to Accounting. She graduated from Miami University with her degree in Accounting in 1997, as she went to school at night and worked during the day to pay for her degree. She worked for over 15 years as an accountant for companies such as Procter and Gamble, Ohio Valley Goodwill, and a few others. In 2002 Mrs. Rosteet and her husband moved to Houston, Texas, where she continued her accounting career. When their daughter was born, Mrs. Rosteet stepped back to be a stay at home mom. When their daughter started school, Mrs. Rosteet was asked to be a substitute teacher at Lamb of God Lutheran School. It was at that time Mrs. Rosteet realized that being a teacher is her true calling in life. She went on to be employed as a Pre-K 3 teacher at Lamb of God Lutheran School. Once their daughter started school at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic School, Mrs. Rosteet began working there as well and was President of the PTC. Upon moving to Lafayette in 2012, Mrs. Rosteet returned to being a stay-at-home mom. In 2015.Mrs. Rosteet signed up with LPSS to be a substitute teacher. In less than a month she was working at Charles Burke Elementary as a full-time sub in a Pre-K 3 Reverse Maintenance classroom. Once there, Mrs. Rosteet had another epiphany. Not only was teaching her calling, Special Education was where her heart belonged. 

Growing up, Mrs. Rosteet spent a lot of time with her grandparents and special needs aunt.  She loved her aunt and saw the injustice that was infringed upon her. She was treated horribly by society; mocked, hackled, and called cruel names. But Mrs. Rosteet knew something they didn’t, and that was the genius intellect her aunt possessed. Looking at her students in PreK 3 Reverse Mainstream, she realized she needed to step up and be a voice for children like her aunt. The students were all exceptional in the abilities they had, and Mrs. Rosteet was determined to bring that out in them for the world to see. At that point she enrolled at Grand Canyon University to complete her studies in Elementary Education and Special Education Mild/Moderate. She completed her degrees in 2020, graduating Cum Laude. She also earned her invitation into Kappa Delta Pi, the Education Honor Society. 

Today, Mrs. Rosteet teaches Special Education Mild/Moderate Self Contained at LJ Alleman middle school. She is always exploring ways to teach her students; all at different cognitive levels and exceptionalities, to allow them to learn at their level, at their own pace, along with their peers. She has, and continues to, engage her students in numerous activities in the community. In 2020 her students collected non-perishable items that they boxed up and sent to soldiers overseas. In 2021 her students collected socks and delivered them to the residents at Our Lady of the Oaks. They received enough socks to give each resident a pair, and some extra for residents in the future. They were the first group to visit the home as COVID restrictions started to be lifted. In 2022 and in 2023, her students held a food drive on LJ Allemans campus for Second Harvest Food Bank, in which they donated 276 pounds of non-perishable food. Over Mardi Gras break her students volunteered at St. Joseph’s Diner, serving lunch to the community and preparing plates for supper at the Emily House. Her students have also started a Birthday Patrol in which they make birthday cards for their teachers and service providers and deliver those cards with flowers and a small cake on their birthdays. 

Mrs. Rosteet is a member of many different organizations. At LJ Alleman she serves on the Leadership Committee and is a Co-Sponsor for BETA. Outside of the classroom Mrs. Rosteet serves on the Teacher Advisory Panel for Lafayette Parish School Systems. She is also a member of the Junior League in Lafayette and Kappa Delta Pi.