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About PACT United Grants

Started in 2008, PACT United is a competitive, community-wide initiative focused on supporting community partnerships that are aligned with United Way of Acadiana’s focus on bettering Acadiana. United Way of Acadiana’s goals for Acadiana are creating a Healthy Community, providing Opportunities for Acadiana’s Youth, and ensuring families in the region have Financial Security. By focusing on supporting these needs, United Way, and their PACT partners, are collectively creating a Resilient Community; a vision we all have for our Acadiana. 

PACT United grants are focused on supporting organizations who are positively impacting our community. We are excited to invest in these organizations and to support their programs through enrichment opportunities, volunteer mobilization, and connections that will lay the foundation for future community growth. 

But we know the work isn’t done. Together, we can make great things happen. LIVE UNITED.

Grant Details

Amount – Up to $100,000

Length – One Year

# of Payments – Monthly Reimbursement Requests

Matched funds required? – No

Eligibility – 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations located in:

    • Acadia Parish
    • Iberia Parish
    • Lafayette Parish 
    • St. Martin Parish
    • Vermilion Parish

How to Apply

    • Download the Request for Proposal form located on the PACT grants webpage for detailed instructions.
    • Complete the Application located within the Grant Packet and submit it via the link below. 

Apply for a 2024-2025 PACT Grant today!

Important Dates:

Applications Open: February 2, 2024

Applications Close: April 8, 2024

Applications are now closed.

PACT Grant FAQ’s

Do I have to submit the application through the portal on the PACT Grants webpage?

Yes. The only proposals that will be reviewed are proposals received through the PACT grants web portal.

Can I submit more than one grant application if I have more than one program I want to apply for?

Yes. If your organization has multiple programs you would like to request funding for, you must submit a separate application for each program.

I submitted my application. How do I know that United Way of Acadiana received it?

You will receive an email confirming that United Way of Acadiana has received your completed application.

If I make an error on my application or forget to include an attachment, will it be rejected?

If your application is lacking any requested information or required attachments, it will be considered incomplete and ineligible for funding.

If my application is declined, will I be notified?

Yes. All applicants will be notified regardless of outcome via email by June 3, 2024.

Is there a scoring rubric that will used to evaluate my application?

Yes. Please see the RFP guide on this page to gain a general understanding of what kind of programs we are looking to fund.

2021-2022 Recipients

Acadia Council on Aging

Home Delivered Nutrition Program

Acadiana Outreach Center

The Lighthouse for Families




Emergency Assistance


Financial Counseling

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Mentoring for Success

Boys & Girls Club

Blueprint for Impact: Making Every Hour Count



Catholic Charities

CCA Disaster Response


Clearport Mentoring Program


Clearport Tutoring Program

Faith House

ER Shelter Program

2023-2024 PACT Grant Reporting

Report Due: October 10, 2023

Report Due: January 9, 2024

Report Due: April 9, 2024

Report Due: July 9, 2024