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Our Team

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Macy Augustine

Family & Community Partnership Specialist, Early Head Start

Anjenette Holmes

Director of Early Head Start

Cameron Hulin

Advocate Supervisor, CASA of SoLA

Anna Husband

Manager of Administration

Shanel Jackson

Advocate Supervisor, CASA of SoLA

Mary Keown

Administrative Accountant

Hunter Leedy

Impact Projects Manager

Deidra Lewis

Health Specialist, Early Head Start

Monique McCray

Community Liaison Coordinator

Angela Morrison

Chief Impact Officer

Micah Nicholas

CAFÉs Coordinator

Stephanie Pool

Donor Management Coordinator

Karen Richardson

Administrative Coordinator

Andrane’ Tauriac

Volunteer Coordinator, CASA of SoLA

Kade Turner

Executive Director, CASA of SoLA

Margie Venable

Communications Coordinator

Annette Harrison-Victor

Program Director, Early Head Start

Jim Winters

Facility Maintenance

Marissa Winters

Healthy Acadiana Director

Dana Young

Manager of Administration, Early Head Start