Education Innovation Grant Application 2022-2023

THE PURPOSE of this education and innovation grant is to support teachers and classrooms in their mission to create engaging, innovative, and inclusive learning environments. We recognize the vital role teachers play in shaping the minds and futures of students. This grant aims to empower educators by providing them with the necessary resources, tools, and opportunities to elevate their teaching practices and enhance the overall classroom experience.


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Grant Information

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Please provide a brief description of the project.

School Information

Teacher Information



(WEIGHT 40%) ● Well-planned and designed proposal of the proposed project. ● Expertise of the educators and artists involved in the proposed project. ● Realistic timeframe of proposed project.

Educational & Innovation Relevance

(WEIGHT 20%) ● Importance of proposed project. ● Impact on teacher practice and student understanding. ● Connection to curriculum. ● Artistic merit of proposed project.


(Weight 20%) ● Appropriate request level and use of stipend funds ● List your project items, suppliers and costs. You may use any of the following categories: personnel (please name), materials, space/facility/equipment rental, transportation, printing, postage, royalties, and other (please be specific).


(WEIGHT 20%) ● Impact (large or small) this project could have on your students. ● Plans for increased access, participation and exposure to the arts for your students.

Statement of Support

Max. file size: 128 MB.
Sample: I have studied the preceding grant proposal and believe it is a valuable and appropriate undertaking for this school and the target audience. I affirm that if funds are awarded it is my responsibility as a teacher/ administrator to oversee and assist in the successful completion of this project as described in the proposal. I will do everything necessary to see that the full benefits of this project are received by the target audience and that this project will be considered an integral part of the education and mission of this school.