UWA Care Network

The United Way of Acadiana  help center is designed to help individuals and families in need navigate the challenges of obtaining resources and assistance to meet their basic needs. Utilizing the Unite Us platform, we can connect clients to community partners that can provide the necessary assistance. The Unite Us platform is a network of over a hundred community partners readily available to assist with rental and mortgage, medical expenses, educational support, housing, emergency food, mental health, and more. We work with community partners to maximize the assistance for clients by staying abreast of community resources and procedures for referring clients to appropriate resources as well as continuing our efforts to advocates on behalf of clients and families for services, basic needs, and other related issues.

Fill out our Care Network form if you are in need of assistance.


In a single year, more than are 62,000 people engaged as part of the United Way of Acadiana movement for Education.


Financial stability is more than just earning money. It’s about saving for the future. It’s about planning ahead for a disaster. It’s about having peace of mind.


No one should have to face a crisis alone. Helping our most vulnerable neighbors, in turn, helps us all succeed as a community.


We win by LIVING UNITED. By forging unlikely partnerships. By finding new solutions to old problems.